Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Hail the Chief

This Skink Chief was one of the little surprises that I would have in my Skink and Kroxigor units.

He, along with a Skink Priest, would be embedded in the largest of my "Skrox" units, which contained 36 Skinks and 4 Kroxigors.  This was known as the "Skink Tank".

Despite it's size, it was very fast.  It had a lot of firepower with 36 shots, and had the 4 big beasties to lend some heavy hitting in combat.

It also had lots of ranks, banners and so on.  By placing a Skink Chief and Priest in the unit, it also had magical protection along with whatever special armaments the chief had.

I varied what each Chief would carry from unit to unit to match a certain purpose.  I think this guy would take the Ogre strength weapon...


  1. Love the quality of skin tone on the chiefs. It's amazing what effect breaking up the surfaces with the spots does!

    1. Thanks! It was interesting what few simple green dots could do! I have to remind myself to do that every so often ;-)