Sunday, April 17, 2016

Stand at your guns

Here's a little peek at what some of the finished bases looked like before primer painting!

First, the command groups.  I don't know if I will go with more than 2 in a group from now on, or if I will use these as a way to get a few more LMG teams into the mix.  That 'small squad' rule and the fact that just two command figs could potentially ride along in a transport with a squad has its appeal also!

The +4 leadership for the Major proved to be a major way to save pinned squads.  Those were veteran squads too, so all the more benefit for babysitting those free inexperienced squads.

Here's the 75mm light gun.  It seems quite 'heavy' compared to the FoW version, but it was certainly fun to base!  I think the companion gun will have to be set into a ruined building.

I'm looking forward to scratch building the 105 and 155mm guns!  I bought some of the crew figures already in anticipation.

Command groups surrounding their artillery piece!

Stay tuned for much more, including some articles on the scratch building of those heavier guns!  I think they will be a combination of sculpey and plasticard.

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