Friday, March 4, 2016

Fire and Ice

The final day has arrived!  

This is the final day of the Parallax campaign, and the last chance to make sure fantastic figures such as these are created!

Some of you might be familiar with my "Katmandu", which won a gold at Reapercon last year.

I have been waiting quite a while to see both of these "Bark and Branch" bases next to each other!

Each has a very different color scheme, as well as freehand designs.  These were dictated by the two effects that I wanted to create.  One emphasized saturated warm colors, the other diminished and grayed down tones.

However, war and cool colors were needed in both figures, which helps to provide that "Contrast Triad" that I refer to so often.

Contrast is not just light vs dark.   It is also warm vs cool, and saturated vs grayed down colors.

This view shows how the exact same materials and construction technique on a base can be radically different in final appearance when the flock is varied.

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