Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Skulls shall scream

As part of the overall design of my display board for the old Tomb Kings army, I created this Screaming Skull Catapult.  The sphinxes which serve as a mount for the mechanism reflect the statues that were made for the above ground level of that board.

I used some balsa wood to create the uprights and the catapult arm itself.  All that remained was to add LOTS of skulls :-)

Here's a better view of what was added to the ground to fill out that space.

I couldn't resist adding the carrion bird, and painting it like the carrion in my full sized units!

It's unlikely that I will ever use this warmachine in anything but huge games, but who knows... it might appear in the new campaigns by the Ahmuntites in their quest to take bake what was theirs!!

Stay tuned...

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