Sunday, January 3, 2016

Where's Snow White?

This post is a wee bit out of order, since one of the dwarf characters in these images has yet to get his own feature.  However, things have been jumbled up in a massive way this Holiday season!!
These guys are all from Siren Miniatures, a company which produces a very large amount of special character types... not just dwarves!

Now matter what you choose, you will get fantastic details that are a snap to prep and paint, just as these fellows were.  They will also be unique... whether it's the armor, weapons, posing, etc., they will certainly stand out.

The clearly defined shapes of the muscles, clothing and weapons meant that I could focus my attention more on subtle color transitions, instead of wondering what the heck I was trying to paint. :-)

I didn't want to get too elaborate with basing on these, so I stayed with bark for the most part.

On some of the characters, I went with more greens in the shadows of the skin tones, but on others I went with something a little more purple.

I believe those differences might show up better in this image.

Here's a link to the Siren Miniatures facebook page, where you can see for yourself all the fantastic figures just waiting for you to paint them!!!
The home page is under construction at the moment, as all the new sculpts are reorganized.

I think you will have as much fun as I did painting them!!!


  1. I guess Snow White went out with the Huntsman. :D

    Fantastic masked dwarfs.

  2. Siren has fantastic range of models for me as painter

    1. Yes indeed! I really want to try out those female characters!!