Sunday, January 3, 2016

Horns & Axes

I believe that this is a Reaper figure, but it is sculpted by Tre Manor, of Red Box Games fame.

I thought that I recognized the sculpting style of this, but I could not place it.  It seems that Tre sculpted this for Reaper miniatures back in the day.

I did the usual mixes of greens and glaze colors together in the shadow areas of the skin tones.

So, we add one more type of miniature to the vast winter wonderland commission horde :-)


  1. Yep, done that model also. Cool paintwork as always.

  2. Once again, I've come to stop and stare sobbing.
    The only thing I can add is this is indeed a Reaper mini: Marek Manslayer by Tre Manor, as you said.
    Just awesome and perfectly fitting the gorgeous scheme you gave the Red Box Barbarians.
    I'm looking forward to seeing the whole humongous army together.