Thursday, January 14, 2016

Going for the Gold!

Here are a few more shots of the Sisters of Battle.  I thought this small group might be an interesting comparison of how the golds looked on different sculpts.

First, the two heavy weapons Sisters.

It's also fun to see the two color schemes side by side... the white robes with gold trim against green armor, and the green on gold scheme.

All of them went on the same style of base, however.

The metals of the heavy weapons were both done in a similar scheme... a warmer grey, with a few accents of green or purple here and there.

I put in the Repentia and the converted Seraphim for yet another comparison.

It is a neat example of how a distinct basing style can tie very different figures together as an army, even when there are variations in specific layouts of color.

This meant that I could have very distinct individual units which would be easy to tell apart on the battlefield, but yet they would all be very cohesive as a united force.

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