Friday, January 15, 2016

Closing in on the end...

Things are getting to the close on this unit!  At this point, I did a little more clean up of a few skin colors, using the semi-transparent mix of glaze color and regular paint.

I did very small details such as the eyes, made more clear definition on surfaces such as the hands, etc.  Also, I did a little blue gray on parts of the blades as well.

I also went back in on the hoods and cloaks with some grey/green color, mixing in a little bit of flow improver to make that more like a glaze.  I am putting back in some highlights in this section and cleaning up any water marks, just as I did with the flesh colors.

The final light color was a very neutral gray.  In the context of all the other blue green that was used, this gray looked more like a green than a middle of the road gray.

The lightest colors are now in place on the hoods!

The final task that remained was to put in the darkest shadows and other line work that might be needed.  I took the Clear Purple, mixed it with a touch of flow improver, and put in some very nice darks in a few areas.

The clear paints are already slightly transparent, even though the pigments are very intense.  This makes them a great color to use for these final dark touches.

I took a quick group shot in the booth to get a better glimpse at what they all looked like.  This removed all the chaos and visual frenzy of the painting area, allowing me to look for any forgotten spots, which can happen when working on units!

There is one more post coming on these figures... I see what I can do to make the blades look like they have a mix of blood and poison on them!

While it will not be the most photo-realistic effect in the world, it should present the notion of poisoned blades during the course of a game.  Stay tuned!

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