Saturday, October 10, 2015

This is MY snow fort!

Look who's back, and playing King of the Hill!

I have been surprised at how many different poses there are of this type of figure.

I tried to import some seafoam green into the midtones here, since he had more of that white skin that many of the recent versions.

Most of the grays were created by mixing that seafoam green with a dark gray.  I also mixed blue and brown Reaper liner paints together, creating a fantastic dark grey base!  Depending on how much brown you put in, you get very different lighter colors... even when you only add white!

These types of grays are not 'dead' grays, but more interesting.  Cathy used to mix scorched brown and regal blue in a similar way.  When it was lightened, got very different results depending on how much blue or brown there was!

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