Sunday, October 18, 2015

Nuns With Guns: Part 1

The latest campaign by Raging Heroes will leave us all with some very difficult, but really amazing choices.  It's not enough to choose between the incredible Dark Elves and these Sisters... you have to figure out which of these amazing Nuns with Guns will grace your painting tables!

This pose is a classic!

Best say your prayers if you are going to run afoul of this Sister!

And the blind shall see...

These fancy boots were made for walking... all over you!

The beads of doom!

I absolutely love this one!

Now for a few close ups... incredible detail, and it will all translate to the final sculpt!

Any number of dramatic action poses as well.

Every Rose has its thorns, and so does this Sister! 

Stay tuned for more Nuns with Guns!!!

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