Monday, October 19, 2015

Back away from that snowman...

I think this is how I will be guarding my snowmen this winter!

Considering that someone once drove off the street in the middle of the night to drive over a rather large snowman that we constructed many years ago, this thought is not entirely out of line!

I remember painting late into the night, as usual, and thinking that a snow plow must have driven down the street.  Quite a racket!  When we walked out of the house, it was apparent that there were tire tracks in the snow, almost reaching the sidewalk.

Since it was so large, the bottom layer was almost solid ice.  Let's just say that Mr. Snowman might have fallen, but he took his own pound of flesh as well!!


  1. Considering I've seen people swerve on the highway to try and hit a turtle, your snowman story does not surprise me. Unfortunately some people would rather destroy (the underside of their own car) than create.

    This guy really fits together so well... the cold steel NMM is perfectly executed and even the green is not a warm hue. Brr!

    1. Yes indeed! What was really shocking about this was how dangerous it was. Definitely could have killed somebody doing that! Thanks for the kind words! :-)