Sunday, September 13, 2015

Tufts for your BONES

These Reaper BONES figures are a nice example of how a slightly different base can make the same figure (even with similar colors), a bit different.

I used two different sets of Gamers Grass on these, just a slight variation in color.  The form on the left is a green/reddish brown combination.

This view shows how much that change in color effects the way you see the coat.  The green looks that much darker against the lighter, more reddish brown.

You can see that I even painted the rocks differently.  The base on the right it done with lighter colors, with the shadow parts of the surface having a touch of green included.

The more I examine these images, the more I notice how a choice in foliage can have such a dramatic impact on the figure.  I had to take these side by side images for you to see this as well.

Once again, another example of the dark base/dark foliage next to the light base/light foliage sample.

You can get the Gamers Grass at Kings Hobby and Games.