Sunday, September 13, 2015

Holy Order in the Heavens

Here's a slightly different version of Sircan Nura, as I get her ready to lead the Holy Order in the next titanic struggle!

This time around, I went with darker set of robes which would allow me to do a little nebula effect.

I wanted it to contrast with the reddish nebula effects which were done on my Dark Council robes.  They represent "The Enemy" to the Holy Order of Man, an ancient threat that was in existence long before mankind.

The Relic weapons still glow blue, which was another reason I wanted the darker robes.  This way, I could more easily reflect the glow onto the robes than the earlier version with white robes.

I also wanted to see what she would look like on a different backdrop than the standard blue white fade.  The new photo booth really is a big help, since I can control the intensity of the lights so much easier!!!

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