Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Orbital Bombardment

Meet Raven Skye, Steampunk Spacewoman from Bombshell Miniatures!

She's quite the character, and there's no way you'll read her mind in that helmet.

As I have mentioned before, Bombshell Miniatures has a Kickstarter under way.  Here's a link to the campaign!


  1. The light source treatment on this mini is absolutely gorgeous James. I also love the pink. It's a great pop of color. Great work on this piece. Did you have a lot of fun playing with how the glow is interacting with the pink trim?

    1. Yes indeed! That was a blast :-) It's always fun to play some pinball with two such highly saturated colors bouncing off each other. That was a situation where I used a lot of the Reaper clear paints as a semi-glaze...