Tuesday, September 22, 2015

A beacon in the dark...

Let's shine the light on another Bombshell Babe, this time Professor Karrick.

I couldn't resist doing the reddish glow, and then complimenting it with some blue/greens in the shadow areas and non-OSL midtone areas.

Some of you might recall the base, which was made along with a large group created by utilizing Burn In Designs leftover pieces.  These pieces were augmented by plasticard and other effects.

The campaign is counting down!  Be sure to check out the Bombshell Kickstarter:


  1. You are having a blast with these James! She's gorgeous. Another really wonderful use of lighting to bring interest to the scene and model!

    1. Thanks! What's really wild is how the OSL really does make these tiny buggers seem almost life sized :-)