Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Bright Lights in the City

A few posts back, I showed you some images of the new boardwalk sections.  I also mentioned some house rules that we had created for them.

They were very simple.  Iy you begin and end your movement on the boardwalks, you get a plus one to your movement.  This is to represent the fact you don't have to "watch your step" as you might on the dirt road. :-)

From a visual standpoint, I was hoping that the streetlights would make the town have defined avenues, creating a "down the street" panorama similar to this!

I loved having the train station and the church at both ends of the street.  This main street is not any longer than the roads we have done in previous games, but it definitely makes it look more impressive.

These new sections clearly doubled the overall length of boardwalk which we had to work with.  However, as I postulated in that last post, the original short sections would be absolutely crucial to make other structures such as the buildings fit in much better.

Also, the hope was that figures could utilize those posts for cover.  In the past, when a figure attempted to take advantage of the additional movement, they were completely exposed to close up and long range fire.

Thus, such a rule has not been used in any game since.

This images shows the poles themselves on the street side, as opposed to being right in front of the building.  The idea is to create more opportunities for cover, especially from buildings on the opposite side of the street.

You can also see that I try to stagger the placement of those opposing buildings, so it's almost impossible to shoot from one into the other.  It will also do a better job of blocking those "hero" shots where someone shines a laser through 3 buildings and says "I can see him".

Adding the furniture to the interiors will also help with this a great deal.  It will certainly make fighting inside the buildings WAY more interesting.

I've also got some new structures which will spice up the town a bit.  The first I will add is the Blacksmith's shop.  It has some "outdoor" elements that should be right out of a movie!

I absolutely loved this view!!

If you look closely at this image, you will see some cards and miniatures out on the table.  Coming soon, you will see Episode One: Desperate Times, Desperate Measures.  It's a fight between the dreaded Outlaws and the Holy Order of Man.  Stay tuned!!!!


  1. Very nice looking town. Especially the Snapple Water Tower in the background.