Sunday, July 5, 2015

The herd is HERE!

At long last, folks!  You get to see the entire batch of ten beastmen from Mierce Miniatures!

Banner and bugle first.

Now some of the choppies...

Three more choppers with the unit leader.

And everybody together!

This unit was a lot more fun to paint than I expected it to be!!

I send you off with the command staff.


  1. Very climatic. The banner is superb.

    1. Many thanks! The whole unit looked very neat, more so than I had hoped for! :-)

  2. James, they look amazing. As usual for your work. In fact, your work in the same case as mine at Adepticon made me feel warm and fuzzy inside (Victoria's case).

    Speaking of, how do they size with Vic's Beasties? I was thinking that with a few bits, they might fit in well with hers as close combat vets.

    1. I don't have any of Vic's beastmen sadly! :-( I can see how they match up to the regular guard figs though. The Mierce minis are mostly one piece, or pretty specific parts to one pose. The muscles are pretty substantial as well...