Saturday, July 4, 2015

Just lookin' around...

Despite her blindness, Walks Looking has "The sight".

This makes her incredibly deadly in close quarters combat.

She is a relatively low cost character for the Warrior Nation who can dish out an incredible amount of pain.

Her glowing blades and swift moves can cut short the life of any enemy.


  1. Lovely work on her James! The lighting effects are really nice as well. For fun next time, maybe throw a tiny bit of blue on the tree branches behind her. :)

    1. Great minds think alike! :-) She's not actually finished, since I want to do tattoos and such on her. That has to wait until I get some of the other Scalpers and Braves tatted :-)

      I definitely wanted to put some glow on the tree branch. I even moved the figure around from her original spot to get her close enough to it... in the hopes that a fantastic viewer such as yourself would believe that it made sense.

      I'm really looking forward to those extra touches!!! Many thanks, as always :-)

    2. I think it would be fun in a future scene, if you had a model with a pose you really loved, to work in a "slice" or "slash" into a bit of the base, as if they had just finished deflecting, or cutting through something, and the terrain took a bit of the damage. Would be a fun way to go nuts with your awesome effects! Always a pleasure!

    3. Yes, that is definitely something very fun! :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks ;-) Gotta get to her tattoos as well!