Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Variety Pack

As many of you already know, I am working on tons of miniatures all at once, creating a vast assembly line that has figures in all stages of completion.

I am constantly prepping, priming, and basing new miniatures.

This is something I do virtually every day.

Hearing so many times about how painters get bored or burned out, I constantly suggest that they vary tasks.  Instead of painting 100 blue space marines each day for a year, it is a much better idea to tackle other tasks to 'take a break'.

I really enjoy basing, so that's about as close as I get to taking some time out of the work day to have fun.

Now that my basing has such a tremendous variety of types and styles, this can be very entertaining!

If you recall the blog post from a few weeks ago about building around the broccoli bases, that's what I did with these Reaper Miniatures.

These were very simple Happy Seppuku cobblestone moulds used for a couple of Wild West Exodus minis.

These bark and branch bases are for some Warrior Nation and Outlaw figures.

As usual, some form of Vallejo sand paste is used as a 'binder', and for additional textures.

I had fun using some new large gravel on these Dark Sword bases.

Same goes for a few more Reaper figures.

Blasted concrete bases are a favorite sci-fi base design for me.

These pirate theme bases are for some Privateer Press figures.

I love this simple board design, since it also works very well for Wild West theme figures!


  1. Some rather cool stuff in the pipeline, it seems. Painted the Reaper vampire-mermaid myself last year. http://minisbyfinch.blogspot.com/2014/10/under-sea_31.html A very nice sculpt. Eager to see your take on her.

    1. Thanks! I just painted the pirate theme bases, which was very fun :-)