Tuesday, June 23, 2015

News from the Forge

DragonForge Designs has an interesting kickstarter under away.

These are sheets of sci-fi/high tech materials which you can add to your bases.

Plus some additional fun items such as this column.

There are also some base sets:

Getting bigger!

Getting huge!!

It seems like any game of 40k requires dozens of flyer/Knight bases these days, so here you go!

Speaking of Knights...

Here are the sheets and tubing which I mentioned earlier.

A link for you:


  1. Something to note (for any who didn't catch this)...Jeff @ dragonforge is a one man shop. He's really good at responding and working with you if there is any issues. Sometimes its nice to know the money is going to a single fella instead of a company. (Plus that new knight base is awessssome!)

    1. Yes... I've known Jeff for a long time! :-) I know how obsessed he is with the quality of his castings!