Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Wooster Sisters and their little pets!

At least, the big rats join their owners!  Betty and Lilly Wooster will now have some company when they toddle around Wappelville.

All of the rats are Reaper BONES minis, while the two sisters are traditional metal Reaper figures.

They will be civilians and character doubles in the Wild West Exodus universe.  

The giant rats will be easier to distinguish on the table from the Lawmen CCK9 doggies.  It was a problem we started to identify early on, since so many factions can use the dogs.

The daughters of the Honorable Bertram Wooster  have certainly irritated the family Valet, Jeeves, as their 'pets' tend to leave behind quite an ugly mess.

More than once these rather monstrous creatures have been blamed for the sudden disappearance of dogs and small children.

However, nobody wishes to accuse the powerful politician and owner of the Final Slumber Funeral Parlor of any sort of misdeeds!  Stay tuned to watch the exploits of the Wooster girls...


  1. A very characterful team, well done!

  2. Completely unrelated, but in case you hadn't already seen, your Ogryns made it onto page 130 of this month's Warhammer: Visions magazine!

    1. Thanks for the head's up! I still have not seen that magazine yet :-)

  3. Wonderfull as always !
    Your blog is a real art gallery !!!

    Put up some more tutorials and YouTube-videos for us wannabe-wappels :-)
    (if you ever find the free time)

    1. Thanks for visiting! There are lots of them on the blog already :-) However, if you want videos, I made 53 of them as part of the Painting Pyramid kickstarter. They are 100 minutes long each. Just shoot me a note on Facebook!! Cheers---