Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Cart Before the Horse

The Pink Flamingo joins the rest of the town of Wappelville!

I thought I would snap a few images of what the town looks like at this point, since it's about to get a lot bigger!

The train station also has its sign.

As we look down the road to the future of Wappelville, one of the first things to be added are all the new boardwalk lengths and matching sign/light posts which are emerging now on the Burn In Designs site.

The additional boardwalk lengths should double the total for the town.  This will be important, since we came up with the house rule about starting and ending your movement on the boardwalks.  It adds to your quickness if you do so.

We have not utilized that rule very much, since we haven't been able to cover the whole town.  In fairness to one side or the other, we made sure those boardwalks were far away from any deployment zones.

In addition, it's very hazardous to move across those walks right now, since you are always left out in the open.  If there are lamp posts and sign posts to be found at regular intervals, it will make a huge difference in survival!!

For instance, If you can reach one of those posts with an action to spare, you can take cover, which will add at least a +2, or even a +3, to that roll to shoot at you.  That can translate into needing a 8, 9, or 10 to hit.

We think that will help out standard hired hand infantry, and also facilitate more close combat, as we had in a recent test fight.

All shooting battles get boring in a hurry.  When at least a portion of it is a knock down brawl, things get interesting.

Since Wild West Exodus has all those variations in close combat halos, weapons and other abilities, there are a lot more decisions to make.

More decisions = more better!!!


  1. Lovely setup!
    The green field doesn't really suit with the rest though imho. As there are walkways I'd rather expect some muddy streets ;-).

    1. Thanks! I was at another person's house, so I didn't have my own backdrop :-)

  2. Sweet! As a fan of anything Old West I salute you!

    1. You will love the new buildings that are on the way!