Saturday, June 20, 2015

Take Caution!

Well, not really!  It's just time to paint some containers!

I used the black craft paint as I usually do in this stage, since it flows very well over the wood texture.

I painted the inside a few different shades of grey...

And even put a bit of rust and grime in there just to make it more interesting.

That's plenty.  Since it's very dark inside the interior, I boosted the colors a bit.

Now for the same treatment on the rig.  I mixed in some brown craft paint with the rust and black.

There were a lot of places to hit on the undercarriage.

These views of the palette should give you a good idea of the color mixes.

Since I was using the craft paint and working quickly, I could do some wet blending right on the surface.

Once all that dried, I hit a few spots with very intense oxidation.

Nothing Sci-fi is complete without caution stripes!!

A touch of weathering, and you're good to go!

Stay tuned for the container next.


  1. Great Job, Jim. What colors do you use for the rust?

    1. Thanks! It was just orange mixed with black and a little bit of reddish brown...