Saturday, June 20, 2015

It's green.

Yes it is!  This is the container for Greenhouse Gas Inc.

So, let's ignite the future!!

The basic green was a mixture of a Badger airbrush green and the black craft paint.  As always, those flowed very nicely across the wooden surface.

Since I was working quickly with the big brushes, I was able to wet blend lighter colors into the mix right on the surface.

I splashed some dirty darks over the ventilation grates.

Now for some weathering on the outer walls of the container.  The large, soft brushes were fantastic for pulling the color up along these walls.

The doors got the same treatment.

Most of the dark/light contrast would be achieved by placing these darker weathering colors in the recesses.  I didn't want the green to get to bright, and that's what would happen if I just kept highlighting it.

These darker, grimy colors would set up the lighter rust colors very nicely.

Just about ready for that rust color!

That is placed in the deepest recesses for accents.

It's also placed along the walls.  Not too much, since the big logo and the smaller freehand is not in place yet!

The rust effects on the doors are enhanced to match the exterior.

Stay tuned for the final phase of the logo!

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