Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Turning over a new leaf!!

While I was at Reapercon, I headed over to the Hangar 18 booth with the few minutes I had to spare.

Lo and behold, I discovered a host of new basing and terrain supplies!

I have been told that this is more of an 'original' source for such things, as the company that produces these in the true large packaging format.

There were a number of ivy packs to choose from, but I felt these three would do.  It's possible that I will paint at least 30% of the leaves once they are placed on a given base or miniature to better match the colors.

We shall see how well the paint adheres to them.

These two packages really expands my flower palette.  I even have dried foliage trees that are a fantastic tie in with the white and purple flowers!

This is more vines than leaves.  I will see how easy or difficult it is to manipulate the wires around which all the foliage is attached.

Potentially this might be used alongside the other Ivy style as well.

Again, there was a lot more to choose from, but this is what I could get back home with me.  I see many wonderful experiments in my hobby future!!

Of course you will see them all play out on these pages, so stay tuned!


  1. I've used the Siliflor sceneries such as these, they are excellent. I've found that paint doesn't have too much difficulty adhering to the stuff, so long as its primed.

    1. Excellent! I think these are going to be amazing! :-)