Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Holy Roller

Something new for my Holy Order of Man posse.  This light support from Wild West Exodus combines some serious speed and firepower.

Since it can also drop mines in its path, it can also serve as an area denial platform, which is even more crucial to this posse.

Holy Orders tend to be massively outnumbered, so those additional mines can either equate to some extra bodies on the field, or channel those lighter enemy units into killing zones.

It also has a decent amount of hit points, making it more likely to survive those RJ rifle shots.  Not much you can do about big templates.

The lack of influence will hurt quite a bit.  We shall see how all this plays out once more of the faction is ready to go.  It won't take much painting to get a Holy Order posse on the field, since even the hired hands cost as much as minor characters.

This posse is all about buffing provided by the highest ranking figures.  I definitely hope that the portal character comes out soon!!!


  1. Really great painting, and gorgeous model too. Something like that, I like to have a home :-). Very Cool!