Thursday, May 21, 2015

Le Flamant Rose

All right, now it's time to get the upper floor some wallpaper.  I follow all the same steps that I did on the ground level.

Just as before, completing each wall makes the floor stand out, and gives the eye something more interesting to look at than a simple painted wall.

Am advertisement showing the benefits of inflatable bosoms.

A few pieces of artwork to "set the mood"...

I didn't want to spend a lot of time creating frames for each picture, so I used a few scraps of matboard which had a metallic silver surface.  It was just enough to set the image from the wall... thus avoiding a 'poster' effect.

 I did the same on the lower level.

The sign was also glued to a piece of matboard so that I could attach it to the face of the building.

Open for business!  Well, almost.  There are more things to do, such as the weathering, exterior posters, and one major piece.

Many of the exterior posters are the same as you might see on the other buildings.  The Wanted posters are as visible as possible, showing just how pervasive the presence of the Lawmen is in Wappelville.

One last piece of art, framed by a piece of golden brown pastel paper.  Another classy rug is added.

An RJ-1027 powered sign is a subtle indication of the type of entertainment to be found at the Pink Flamingo.

Lathan's ingenious marquis sign in place! 

This leaves those final touches, mostly weathering powders.  I will use them for the obvious purpose of weathering and aging the roof, walls, posters and more, but to shade things like the balustrades. 

Once I have that phase completed, I will take some finished images.  Furniture will be added to these interiors once I get those brand new kits.  A bed for upstairs, some tables and chairs... stay tuned!!!


  1. Wow, that's awesome! It must be a successful house too, all that pink paint wouldn't be cheap. And carefully forg... uh, duplicated European erotic masterpieces too!

    And "inflatable elastic bosom"? Lololololol.

    1. Thanks! I can't wait to get the furniture for the interiors!! :-)

  2. Seems I was way to impatient, ...
    Forgive me my comment in your previous post.
    The building looks marvelous!
    All the posters, painting, ... oh and the sign really make it shine.
    Le Flamant Rose will no doubt stand out in your village :-).

    1. No biggie :-) There's still more to go! I've added some more stuff since this post... showing that tomorrow!!