Thursday, May 21, 2015

Fun at the Flamingo!

There's one building remaining from the 'original' batch of structures comprising Wappelville.  This would be Miss Fannie's establishment, officially known as The Pink Flamingo.  Its also been referred to as "Miss Fannie's House of Horizontal Refreshment".

As you have seen many times, the wood texture is painted in first.  A few simple colors are used... some more red, others more green.  A variation in light and dark shades are essential also.

I apply the colors quickly to the surface, which allows me to mix these colors together on the wood itself.

Each wood surface on the various levels gets the same treatment.

In addition to the first layers of pink on the exterior walls.  I put some paint on the insides of the window frames and the corners.

Some of you might remember from the Funeral Parlor that filling in the corners this way will help hide any gaps that might otherwise emerge when the wallpaper is glued in place.

The pink on the exterior is done in a few layers.  My first layers are more transparent, and somewhat darker.  These will be covered gradually by a few lighter, more opaque layers.

The final layers of light color application bring out individual planks, which give the walls a little more shape.  When you have large walls on buildings such as this, having each panel of wood be the exact same color would be just as boring as making the interior wood floors one shade of brown!

A muted purple was used for the trim.  Eventually, more shading will be added to those elements.  For now, a mostly flat color will do.

The interiors are now ready for some decoration!!!

As I did with the Funeral Parlor, I did some Google searches of Pink Flamingo wallpapers and other images.  I also created a sign in Photoshop.

I completed the pages with some advertisements and Wanted posters..

The ads extolled the virtues of inflatable bodices, cigars and Stetson hats.

A little carpeting on the floor to give an added touch of 'class'.

Now for the wallpaper.  It can be challenging, since you have to get the cutouts just right.  First, I fit the overall piece without gluing it... then I trace the cutout areas.

With each wall that is covered, things really begin to take shape!

All the walls are now covered on the ground floor.  Time to take care of "upstairs".  Tune in for the next episode!!


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  2. That's a lot of pink! I think the doors and windows would have looked better in a deep red colour though.Still amazed by your wood colour and the wallpaper looks fabulous too!
    Aren't you going to paint a pink flamingo on the board in front of the roof (perhaps with a tophat and a cane)? The pink sells itself, but it would be nice to have some kind of billboard on the outside.
    Or is the outside still a WIP (you mentioned adding shading)?

    1. See part II, posted a few hours ago :-) Then more details after that!