Monday, April 27, 2015

You can't keep a good zombie down...

Time to show some step by step images of those graves you have seen 'popping up' in the various posts about the town of Wappelville.

These pieces are not just for decoration.  They are specifically meant for games in which the Enlightened are involved.

In effect, Carpathian and his gang are trying to get as many fresh bodies as they can... relative as that term may be.

The graves serve as markers.  If one of Carpathians's living crew gets within 2 inches, they can spend an action point to "open up" a grave, which is then removed from the board and replaced by a zombie.

I began with some textured matboad, and a few quickly carved pink headstones.  A few Zombicide figures were cut in half to make them look more interesting.

My new Desert Sand paste from Vallejo was perfect for adding a bit of piled dirt in front of the headstones.

Some of it was also carried onto the headstones for additional texture and strength.

A little bit of rock and ballast was added...

The two open graves were given some more chunks of rock and gravel.

My next episode will show how these were painted and finished off with flock and static grass.  Stay tuned!!

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