Monday, April 27, 2015

The Forest for the Trees: Part Two

As I mentioned in the first post, I had thought about adding more mid range and small trees to these stands.

This was not only about some added realism or aesthetic, it was also about additional cover and line of sight blocking.

For the time being, I only added a few.  I wanted to actually use them in some games first.  This small tree was set into some cork, and held in place with my new Vallejo sand paste.  That's the sandy colored material, by the way.

This is how they looked prior to painting.

I put out a variety of tan colors, as well as a larger vat of black brush on primer.  Mixing that in would not just darken the colors, it would give me a chance to create a number of grey and even greenish colors!

The initial layers are comprised of the mixture of black and reddish brown.

As these got lighter, I wanted to move the shades towards tan, as that's what our gaming mats are colored.

A peek at the palette shows you the direction of the colors.

Once the paint dried, I added some flock and static grass.

This is what they looked like out on the table!

This image gives you a better sense of the actual colors and shading.  Much more will be added in the future, but as I said earlier, I will be testing these out in some games to see if there is any room for additions.

There will be some more definition painted onto the trees when I have a few moments.

This is not simply a final view of the trees, but just a sneak peek into many more posts!  I have a series on the way showing the construction of the graves that you see to the right of the church.

There's going to be a very interesting battle fought there, so stay tuned!!!


  1. If you were to add foliage to these, what would you use?

    1. I would add more of the small branches which you have seen me use on the regular figures. These would add some more obscuring potential for things that are taller than a standard infantry figure...