Sunday, April 19, 2015

Smokin' Hot

What's cookin' in the Smokehouse?

Some hot stuff from Burn In Designs.  In this case, I made use of those extra punch out pieces to create some tables, and handy step stools to get up to the windows...

I used three of the pieces just to make something very quickly... nothing fancy!

Out come some colors... green and red together for the deep browns, and then two mid tones.  Cooler green, and warm tan.

The nice thing about the deep green mixed with the red as the darkest brown is that I can change the temperature quickly when necessary.  The cooler darks will help to set up the warmer mid tones and lights.

You can see this in action.  Working quickly with the large filbert brush, I was able to set down large swathes of greener shades in one area, and more of the red elsewhere.

Now to infuse some lighter colors into the mix... you can see how the colors blend all by themselves!

In no time at all, you have yourself a fantastic floor of panels!!

I went back in with the #8 round brush to pick out individual boards.

The walls were a simple mix, applied quickly so that I could blend them right there on the walls.

A quick application of more darks on the roof interior and the little tables, and then it will be time to paint the doors.  Stay tuned for the next episode!

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