Sunday, April 19, 2015

It gets hotter in the Smokehouse!

We return to the smokehouse from Burn in Designs.  The same technique will be applied to the outer walls as I did to the floor.  

However, this time around I added a bit of light flesh tone.  When this is added to that dark green/red mix, you get some outstanding mid tone colors that will look bleached and weathered.

The more green you have in that mixtures, the more gray it will appear.

You can see a very nice variation of colors here.  I also picked out some individual boards, mostly with the flesh tone lightened shades.

The back of the sign got a bit of highlights as well...

I wanted the outer walls to have more of a tan appearance, but I needed to set that up with my darker colors.  Again, the idea is to work quickly, so that I can blend the tans into these darks while it's still wet.

Time to add that tan!  It's already making some fun colors as it mixes with those darks!

It's a little trickier to pick out those individual boards on the exterior, but it really yields some fun results.  you can see that more of the reddish tone was used on the left side, and more green on the right.

The sliding door was given more form by picking out certain boards.  For the most part, I made the cross pieces lighter, so that they would appear to be 'above' the planks that make the door.

That's about it for all the exterior walls!

Now for the sign.  I want it to be glowing with RJ-1027 energy, so I have left the area in front of the sign a little darker.

Beginning with a generic red, I made sure that I got down into all the crevices.

The wood has just enough texture to allow me to use my fingers to blend the red glow onto those boards.  By the way, I used this technique on all the 'regular' boards as well.

If you are wondering why the letters are missing, I am putting those broken letters on the roof and other places to make it seem as if all the mayhem in Wappelville has lead to them being shot out.

You can't have RJ glow without Vallejo fluorescent orange!

Things continue to heat up in the next episode, to be sure not to miss it!!

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