Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wild Wolves...

Now here's something I have not had a chance to see since it was in the tournament last year!

This was my unit of Rough Riders.

It was a heavily converted unit, utilizing GW and Gamezone wolves, Secret Weapon bases and basing products, and of course Victoria Miniatures!

I used a variety of Victoria Miniatures kit pieces, mostly the Highland Moss Guard.  Victoria also has power lances designed for Rough Riders, so I had to make use of those!

It was a very fun unit, which was led be Mogul Khamir.  It actually wiped out a squad of Space Marines on the charge in the second game.

To make the sitting poses fit on the wolves, I made a saddle blanket, which did the trick.  It served dual purpose, as it allowed me to continue my tartan patterns onto these figures as well!

This was a very fun unit to create and paint.  Mr. Justin's fine urban rubble bases were perfect.  I added some tires to them, barbed wire, extra skulls, and more.

So, pay a visit to Victoria and Mr. Justin in the Dealer's room at Adepticon, or check out the figures here:



    I kneel to your work man, really, really awesome!

    1. Bows in your general direction :-) Many thanks!