Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The city of brotherly love

Well, that would definitely not decribe Wappelville, especially when this Band of Brothers is on your tail!

This is Wyatt, Virgil and Warren Earp, ready to lead the Lawmen in their quest to stamp out all crimes and misdemeanors in Wappelville.

I went with the white coats to continue my color scheme for the army.  The Ghost Lawmen of Wappelville indeed...

Each of them offers some interesting individual leadership attributes.  However, I am looking forward to a larger game where all three will patrol the streets of Wappelville together.

They stand in front of the Wappelville Jail, ready to administer the justice delivered by the gavel of Judge Stern.

But the Earp Brothers do not stand alone...

The Law Army of Wappelville grows by leaps and bounds.  Truly indicating that Statehood cannot be far behind!


  1. Looks good! Hope to see them in person this weekend!

    1. Warren Earp got to see the action today for the first time!