Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Taking the dogs for a walk

Here we go!  Time to take the dogs for a walk in the park!

Before I started painting this set, I thought it would be very fun, and I was right.  This is also a very deadly combination of shooting and sic 'em!

Speaking of fun things to paint, this guy... YES!  I definitely want to paint this Golden Army character.

Back to the sisters and their little dogs...

The ladies can blast you from a distance, but they can also send their pets after you.  We have seen first hand how badly that can end for those on the business end of a cc-K9.

Woof woof!

Some fun stretch goals have been reached in the kickstarter thus far.  We have been furiously creating scenarios for future games, especially with the Golden Army vs Watchers.

I think more dogs will have to join these when I get to Adepticon. :-)

A family portrait!

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