Thursday, March 5, 2015

Off to the races... again.

I discovered some fun side by side photos of the Energy Beast and Stone Fist character, so I thought I would put them up today.

Three more Energy beasts are prepped and ready to join them!

The biggest decision is which breed to choose.  I have two choices that are certain, but the third might just depend on what I feel would be the most adventurous.

I have a second Energy Beast in this pose, so that will have to be as different a breed as possible from this one.

Of course, I am anxious to see what massed Energy Beasts will do in our games.  I have a feeling that the first fights will be against Carpathian and his hideous creations.

I suppose swift striders such as the Energy Beasts will be ideal for exploding those abominations and getting the heck out of the way!

As always, it's interesting to see how these guys look on a different backdrop!

I wonder if Dark Nation will have anything like the Energy beasts.  I have a feeling they will be hideously augmented RJ-1027 monsters :-)

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