Thursday, February 12, 2015

Size matters...

Here are some new views of the massive sea creature from Mierce Miniatures.  There was no one angle that showed all the craziness of this figure!

These views from above give you a better glimpse at the freehand pattern.

As I mentioned in some of the comments, I went back and forth on this as I was painting the pattern.  I worked it darker, then went back into the lighter colors, and so on.

Since the head had to be painted separately from the body, I had some "unifying" to do once those were joined together.

This view shows the contrast I was attempting to get between the more greenish colors of the anchor and wooden prow against the higher chroma, warmer colors of the head.

I eventually decided to make the leg "armor" a similar set of colors to the prow in order to spread that 'base' color around.  It was highlighted with a very light blue, in fact :-)

Here's the first size comparison.  Yes, that is a Minotaur next to him!  The base of that "tiny" Minotaur is 50mm.  Yeah... HUGE!

It's interesting how this backdrop emphasizes the cooler colors of the base, anchor and prow.

I have one more set of images coming from this guy... a "family" shot with a wide variety of Mierce Monsters to give you an overall idea of size.

Again, the water effects was layer after layer.  I wanted to be careful, working in thinner applications.

I was worried that if I made a clump too thick, it might never cure on the inside!

On to the next monster!!!!


  1. This is one of the most impressive minis you have ever painted. I love the colour scheme. Colourful and original. Completely amazing!

    1. Much appreciated! It's still scary to think back to when I first saw the pieces of this, and had to figure out what to do with it! :-)

  2. incredible job! original mini and excellent painting

    1. Many thanks for the kind words... and for visiting the blog!!!