Thursday, February 12, 2015

Colossal vehicles...

OK, continuing with the "size matters" campaign, we have a giant transport vehicle for the Mechanicum army.

This is the Triaros Armored Conveyor.

These innocent looking pieces don't show you just how huge it is.

Each of these pieces is a massive hunk of resin and they are very heavy.  This will surely be the heaviest thing I have painted thus far.

Aside from getting my brush into certain areas, I had to do this in sections, since the pressure of my hands holding these heavy resin parts is enough to scrape off paint as I turn them around and around.

Even these tread sections are in two big parts... the inner workings, and the outer shell.  These are not yet attached, as this is still the Shaded Basecoat process.

All of these pieces have since been tinted and shaded much darker.  Glaze after glaze applied, just as I did with the Krios and other Mechanicum figures.

There will be a dramatic difference when you see that phase play out, adding depth, shading, and more to this gargantuan vehicle!  Stay tuned...


  1. Though I love the glazing step in the shaded base coat wappel technique, I still love the vibrance or painterly look before the glazes and washes hit :).

    1. I try as often as possible to take images between these two stages, as they are lots of fun to look back upon!

  2. Your colours are so vibrant, I really like the clean finish on this piece. What glazes did you use on the yellow? The resulting colour really stands out, there seems a bit of green and blue there.

    1. Thanks! This is all pre-glazing (the Shaded Basecoat phase) Glazes are coming! :-)