Friday, February 20, 2015

Similar but different... Cathy's Shaded Basecoat technique

Yes, Cathy wielding brushes... with bad intentions!  

With the recent bombardment of Shaded Basecoat posts lately, I thought I would hit you with some more, but this time from Cathy's perspective!

The essentials are the same, work globally, rapidly, with large brushes, and lighter.

As you can see, she got things started off with those lighter midtone shades, making some classic Nurgle Pastel shades!

While this all looks 'white', you can see by the previous image of the palette that it certainly is not.  The idea is, as always, to get a sense of where you want basic direction of colors to be headed.

Now comes the fun part!  Cathy sets out some washes, including those Secret Weapon washes.  The purple and ruby are something you have not see me use very much.  I did work with them on some of the videos, but it was nice to see them being splashed about again!

Here is that example of the 'watercolor' style again of the "negative painting".  That is, defining edges by the use of darker shading with the washes.  She is preserving her lights, and concentrating the washes on the other side of the edge where she wants the contrast.

An interesting look at the palette.  You can see her original colors of the shaded basecoat, and then her washes.  Obviously it is far less chaotic (see less messy!) than my typical mayhem.

A look at the demon, which is an Ultraforge piece, by the way.

Stay tuned for the next dramatic episode of Fifty Shaded Basecoats of Cathy.

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