Thursday, February 19, 2015

Preparing to cast Judgement

Ever since I painted the Holy Order of Man heavy support vehicle, and then the Flame Truck, I really wanted to have a Heavy Support of my own.

So, the Judgement heavy support for the Lawmen was eagerly anticipated!

This was an early form of Shaded Basecoat, done to hash out how I wanted the lights and darks to play out.  When you have this many angles pointing in so many directions, it's best to plan that out ahead!

I am using large brushes, as usual... such as the filbert and the #8 round craft brushes.

As you know, I like to use different color mixes to make my grays.  For the wheels, I used a seafoam green and a yellowish brown.  I will be doing a lot of weathering on them, and the lighter color will make that stand out even more.

In addition, the "temperature" of that grey was different than what was around it.  That is, it is a cooler green as opposed to the warmer, reddish gray.

For the forward prow (on the right), I used a  very purple gray... once again, looking for a bit of color variety in order to keep this from being too boring to look at!

With the Shaded Basecoat phase complete, it was time to glaze and tint!

The usual suspects... Secret Weapon and Vallejo washes.

I use them both together, and as a result, I get a huge variety of shades.  Also, the Vallejo washes are a thicker consistency than the Secret Weapon washes, so combining them means that I can alter the way the Secret Weapon wash flows on the surface.

Also, note that some parts are turned upside down.  This is an old watercolor trick, using this exotic force called gravity.

Since the NMM style usually means that the darkest colors are towards the top edge, I let whatever 'loose' wash there is flow to that area.  By turning them upside down, I can force them to do that.

There's even a bit of 'regular' paint included in some of these mixes.  This serves to stabilize them even more, making them darker, but still transparent.

I moved from section to section, turning the pieces to do the gravity attack on the washes.

Much more to come, so stay tuned!

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