Friday, January 30, 2015

The Demon Marble of Wappelville

I wanted to show you a few aspects of the interior, especially how the figures related to its design.

The Stalkers were meant to provide some extra interest on the columns, coiled around them, standing guard.

I thought it would be very unusual, and emphasize the "living statue" concept.

Here's an article on how they were made:

Here's another:

This image shows you how the three figures came together to form an actual unit.  The columns with snakes were magnetized, as were the bases themselves.  Here's a post showing the bases:

It was certainly one of the most complex units to engineer, as they served so many functions!

It was a little easier with the Necropolis Knights, but the bases were REALLY complex painting wise:

I loved how the snakes intertwined with the painted versions on the base!!!

The Ushabti were strictly decorative.  There was nowhere near enough points for them in the army, so they were taken from their movement trays and placed in the alcoves as guards.

They were exactly the thing I was looking for.

Here's  the group...

A view of the movement trays and how they related to the demon marble.  Essentially, all the "higher ranking" units would be down inside the tomb.  The edges of the movement trays were filled with actual hieroglyphs.

Check this out:

It wasn't easy, but it was fun to make all the marble match up!

Stay tuned for more, as I show some of the removable terrain elements of the army board.


  1. This is ... amazing.
    I can't put words on it, genius.

    1. Thanks for the kind words, as always!!

  2. Just jawdropping! That is the best army display I have ever seen! Love the athmosphere. i find new things the more I look:)

    1. Thanks! There was so much going on... even I forgot some of it!!