Saturday, January 31, 2015

Darkness in the woods

It's been a great pleasure to paint some Dark Sword minis!  As I have mentioned before, we started painting them almost from the beginning, 14+ years ago.

The incredible details and fine castings make them a joy to paint!

I went very traditional with this Wood Elf figure.  I would certainly not mind painting it again with a new palette... perhaps even going the opposite way, making it a Dark Elf.  That would be a very fun side by side comparison!

She's available now:


  1. James, I have a quick question for you. What's the texture difference between Vallejo Black Lava and Red Oxide pastes?

    And I agree about Darksword minis.

    1. The red oxide is more like sand, while the black lava can be made to have a volcanic, basalt style texture, very glassy.