Wednesday, January 7, 2015

RIP Jesse

I think I have been working on at least a few hundred bases at once.  Bases for Lawmen, Holy Orders, and Warrior Nation... on top of bases for Mierce, Privateer Press, Mechanicum, and so much more.

I'm practically out of space for all of them!

This next set is for a variety of guys... one of which is for Virgil Earp.  Care to guess which one?

Obviously, I really have fun with these bark and branch bases!

The little headstone was even made with a piece of bark.

These are also very enjoyable to paint with all the fantastic texture!

There's going to be many more of these for additional Lawmen and Warrior Nation figures.

Stay tuned!!


  1. Fantastic pieces, like the rest of your shown minis and scenery here. So, the question is, do you take on commissions, and if, how can i contact?

    1. Thanks! Things are going to be very crazy until after Adepticon, but you can send me a note on facebook (James Wappel) Cheers!

  2. Will do that, thanks!