Saturday, January 17, 2015

Paint your wagon...

Today we have the very cool wagon from Burn In Designs!

You have already seen the assembly post on these, and you can tell that they are very easy to deal with!

I had a lot of fun painting this.  You don't have to prime these first.  They take the paint very nicely.

I used airbrush paints and craft paints, as I have on the other Burn In Designs pieces, since that is already quite thin, and it applies very easily!

Here are some Reaper and Wild West Exodus figures as a size comparison.

As you can see, Lathan, as always is very careful to make sure that you can actually use your miniatures with his creations!


  1. Very nice James. I really like the weathering effects you achieve on wood

    1. Thanks! It's a lot of fun to put grays and greens in the browns! ;-)

  2. While I think you did a nice paintjob on the wagon, it looks a bit too fabricated for me with all the hard angles and edges.
    Also, comparing the seat to the models makes it seem as if the scale isn't right. Like 28mm models with a 35mm wagon.

    1. Thanks! Keep in mind that this is an MDF wooden kit, where you are very restricted on the size of pieces and cuts...

  3. That wagon is amazing. Piece of art not miniature..

    But model itself is insanely Huge.
    Cowboy Hobbits vs giant wagon of evil !