Thursday, November 13, 2014

Research trip at the cemetery

Well, this is one of the last places I would have thought to collect reference photos!

Since it was Veteran's Day, my sisters and I took a trip to the cemetery for placing flowers, flags and the like.

Once we completed those tasks, we were in the older section of the cemetery.  It was like being in a downtown high rise section by comparison!

There were way too many interesting shaped headstones to take pictures of, but I did snap a few.

I will have to incorporate some of these designs into future bases and terrain pieces.

Classic.  This will definitely have to be made into a terrain piece!

One aspect of the headstones I had forgotten about was the etching.  I have never done that on a headstone thus far, sticking with the usual carved name/date, etc.

This etching on polished stone to get these intricate designs was fantastic.  I think it might ever work on more 'royal' settings in palace interiors.  Worth a try for sure!

Hey... did you hear something behind us?

Oh no!!! Weeping Angels!!! Don't BLINK!!!

Knock, knock... anybody home?

These structures were particularly interesting.
A typical mausoleum is rendered as stone blocks, or slabs of carved stone with rough texture.

Most of the mausoleums we saw had this highly polished appearance, which was amazing!

Look at these massive slabs of polished stone!  All the amazing colors.  If it was not freezing, with a 20 mph wind, we might have stayed longer.

While it was fresh in my mind, I had to give it a try on a random base I had sitting around.  I will show some step by step pics on this as well!

Stay tuned... and DON'T BLINK!


  1. I love these types of photos. I recently went to Puerto Rico and took a wonderful amount of shots of textures. You might find some of them interesting! Your articles on texture and shading drove me to take them, as it rekindled my interest in that subset of the hobby!

    1. Thanks! This was definitely a more unique type of reference photo opportunity! :-)