Thursday, November 13, 2014

Heading down the tracks...

Well folks, the citizens of Wappelville have grown weary of the presence of the Lawmen in their town.

Since the Lawmen arrived to establish "order", the locals have been subjected to increasing violence, extortion, public executions, and even deplorable window treatments!  

When you have a decor disaster, you call in the Wild Bunch Gang!

Jesse dispatched Billy the Kid to assist Miss Fannie May in her quest to improve the drapery on her elegant Chateau Du Wappelville (dubbed the Horizontal Hospitality Hotel by the brutish Lawmen).

Billie was to deliver several chords of the finest imported silks from France.  Since the Lawmen have taken over the train station, monitoring all incoming traffic, an alternate method had to be found to bring in this material.

As the townsfolk are very enamored of the Wild Bunch and their superior fashion sense, the Wappelville Streets and Sanitation department loaned them their converted Ironhide heavy support.  This vehicle has kept the streets of Wappelville the cleanest thoroughfares west of the Mississippi.

The Lawmen were bringing in more weaponry of their own.  They have added two more Interceptors, as well as Carl Fredrickson, whose portal glove allowed him to move from building to building in the blink of an eye!

This terrorized the citizens, who would find the huge, mechanically altered monster standing in their midst at any time.

The Wild Bunch Gang were dapper as always.  Doc LongTree was joining them once again...

There were five objective on the table.  Two on each 'half' of the table, and one in the exact center of town.  Rich had brought in some very nice rail sections, which transected the board.

You get a view of the Outlaw deployment in this view.  They wanted to make use of the taller terrain, placing snipers in the tower, on the hill, and possibly on the water tower.  This would give them command of at least 3 objectives.

The Lawmen were holed up in various buildings around town.  They were led by Pat Garrett, and were packing lots of close up fighters!

They wanted to anchor the Chateau defence, since they knew that Billie had to deliver those fabrics.

Carl Fredrickson would stay in the center of the row of buildings, waiting to pounce on one of the objectives at the last moment, or to join in a combat and tip the balance!

Billie was set up in the train station with Doc and Ike.

The shootout begins!  The Apache Kid takes up residence behind the control offices of the RJ-1027 power plant.  His Spirit Aim was much feared by the pistol packing Lawmen hired hands.  

He could pick off any target, no matter how deep in cover without exposing himself to return fire.  Very deadly!!

The Ironhide carrying a variety of Outlaws, as well as the curtain material, found itself stuck on the tracks for but a moment... what would happen next?

Wait and see...

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