Saturday, October 4, 2014

That really grinds my gears

Our Wild West Exodus games are going to need a variety of terrain.  Rich has been making various elements, such as the water tower and the mesas.  We are in the process of creating the town buildings that we want.

Some of these pieces will be more steampunk in nature, as the WWX universe does have some very interesting power generation sources.

So it was time to gather up my collection of various junk and set down to making a power generator!

You can see leftover sprues, straws, pill containers, pink foam and more.

The new element for me was the plastic gears, fresh from Amazon!  Yes!

After I put the first few gears on, I realized that I could also use them on some of the pipes as valve shut offs.  I had to file the end that would be attached to the various tubes with a rounded file to make sure they would adhere more easily.

To make the container more like a boiler, I added a few simple pieces of polystyrene tubing to the sides.  This has worked very well in the past for other similar terrain pieces.

Getting there!

The top section will have some red glow, appropriate to the Lawmen/Union/Outlaw power sources.

After waiting for the glue to set up, I had to get some primer on this.

I decided to mix a few metallic colors into the primer to speed up the process.  I primed the area of the red glow as white as I could, so that the glow would be more intense.  The little round things attached to the main boiler will be pressure gauges!

I will probably fill those in with green stuff or a piece of plasticard.


  1. I can't wait to see it finished.

    1. I'm really looking forward to the glowing stuff! :-)

  2. The use of found items in terrain always amazes me. The transition from a jumble of parts, till the second you put paint on it is amazing. One of my fav parts of the hobby!

    1. Yes... it's wild how junk looks so different when you cover it up with paint!

  3. Interesting. You didn't have any issues with the paint on the gears? They're usually made of nylon or other plastics that don't get on well with paint.

  4. Replies
    1. I will be constructing a ton of buildings as well for WWX...