Saturday, October 4, 2014

Holier than thou

So, my first Holy Orders figure for Wild West Exodus!

He is Mimreg Zain, and he packs a wallop.

You remember the bases that I made at Gen Con in anticipation of these guys.  One of my intentions was to reflect the blue of the marble into the cloaks, which would be white.  These shots give you a sense of that...

I also had to reflect the blue onto the gold armor.  That meant lots of fun greens worked their way onto the various surfaces.  A nice contrast to the warmer, more reddish golds.

I look forward to doing more of these guys :-)  We shall see how they work in the context of the wider game, since they cost a ton of points.  Just about guaranteed to be outnumbered all the time.


  1. He looks tough! Can't wait to see him on the battle board.

    1. He won't have a lot of other buddies on the board with all those high points costs.. so he better do some damage! :-)