Sunday, October 19, 2014

Seeing double...Hell in the skies

So, when we last left our reclaimed Hellion, the process of glazing had been well under way, and the process of working the midtones had begun.  In addition to the metals, I reworked those all important midtones on the armor as well.

With all of that work complete... it was time to have some fun with blood!!!  Out came the Water Effects, so that some nice blobs of gore could be placed on the wings and blades of the weapon.

This shot demonstrates how the blob is placed on the wing, and then 'pulled' back along the wing with a liner brush.

The palette shows the mix.  You can see the Water Effects, along with a variety of reds.  Some are lighter, others more purple or even black.

Those darker shades will be placed over the initial lighter (and somewhat more transparent) applications.

Here are some views to show you the overall appearance.  You can even take your fingers to smear that water effects/paint mix across the broad surface of those wings.

Some side by side comparison shots for you!

It was pretty shocking to see the difference that 75 minutes could make. :-)

With minimal effort, the same ancient metal figure is given new life.  Yes, it's not super fancy.  Were this my own, you know that I would do more elaborate stuff.  However, the idea here was to create something that could be replicated on a mass scale with relative ease.

The Hellion painting is not the only dramatic conclusion that we have in this unique double post!  All the while I worked on the Hellion, Lathan was right next to me hammering out his latest building.  These views will give you a hint at how impressive this structure was.

Look at that back porch!  You can see into the building as well, and get a peek at the floors inside.  As I mentioned, the second level has a very fun interior staircase.

This building could host an entire battle all by itself.  Also, you can take off each level, so that you could conduct a fight on the second floor, and so on.

I can't wait to get my hands (and my brushes) on this structure.  These images don't even include some of the other amazing features, as well as all the extras.  When you punch out the pieces, you are left with a host of fantastic bits!

Not only can they be used to enhance the structures, but they could make some fantastic basing materials.  Yes, you will be seeing some of that as well.


  1. That building screams the wild west. Few licks of paint, a couple of ladies of the night calling out to potential customers from the balcony and you're good to go :)

    1. Yes indeed... intended for Wild West Exodus. Eventually we will be using that for some really fun gunfights between Outlaws and Lawmen!

    2. Sorry if this is a silly question but was that a kit or did your buddy build from scratch?

    3. This is Lathan, from Burn in Designs. Go to his website and you will see all the terrain he has on offer!

    4. Thanks dude. Please pass on my compliments for some very lovely looking kits.

    5. They are very fun... and very playable!!!