Sunday, October 19, 2014

Reclaiming the skies

Back to that ancient Dark Eldar army that a friend of mine is attempting to 'reclaim'.

I didn't even know that Hellions were part of the original codex.  I noticed something that looked a bit like one in the case.  The hunk of metal I held in my hand was painted to this level, just like all the Kabalite Warriors.

I set down to scraping the mould lines, and then gave it a shot of brush on primer.

As with the previous reclamation attempt, I tried to keep things simple with the regular green paint mixed with metallics.

I also wanted the wing blades to be silver, so that I could do some fun blood effects like the versions I did on the bladevanes of my Reaver Jetbikes.

You can see that I lightened up the primary green/silver mix by adding more silver.

Face and hair get their basecoats.

I had a variety of colors out for glazing.  I took a dark purple and green liner paint, adding a bit of Secret Weapon blue black wash here and there.

More purple was mixed with the green to create an interesting dark gray wash for the non-armored sections, while much more green went into the mix for the armor.

Some of these wash colors were used on the wing blades as well.

More layers of dark glaze, making sure to do the hair and skin too...

Almost ready to start working back into those mid tones.

Here you can see some of the colors mixed up in the shading stage of the metals.  A shadow gray style color is mixed with the silver, in order to even things out on the wings.

Check out the wing on the left with the wing on the right.  You can see how that one is far smoother.  This is what working the midtones is all about!

I did this everywhere... the armor, the other wings, the weapon, and so on.

Look who's here!!  It's Lathan from Burn in Designs, working on a brilliant new design.

This is a fantastic three story building with a great interior.  You'll be amazed as I was!  More pictures of that structure along with the rest of the photos of the Hellion Reclamattion Project.  Stay tuned.

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